ABCs for Success


A:  Ask questions of teachers, counselors, and interested adults.
B:  Be on time; Be willing to learn; Breaks--take them when studying.
C:  Complete your assigned tasks; Creativity--use it daily; Celebrate your accomplishments.
D:  Discuss ideas with others; Don't procrastinate.
E:  Eat well.
F:  Focus on your goals and priorities; remain Focused all year.
G:  Get organized; Go to the library; use Good penmanship.
H:  Have confidence and ambition.
I:  Involve yourself in things you like; Initiative--take it.
J:  Join friends in fun and relaxing activities from time to time.
K:  Know your limitations.
L:  Learn good communication skills; Listen; Lighten up.
M:  Make up missed work; Manage your time wisely.
N:  No cell phones/TV/music while studying.
O:  Operate with a positive attitude; Organize your life.
P:  Plan your goals; Pay attention in class; Persevere.
Q:  Question your priorities from time to time.
R:  Read before bed; Research well your options in life.
S:  Sleep--get enough; Stay informed; Stress--avoid it.
T:  Teamwork; Time management; Try again.
U:  Use every resource available.
V:  Volunteer and tutor.
W:  Write thank-you notes; Web sites--find the most useful ones.
X:  eXamine your goals; eXplore the possibilities; be eXemplary; promote eXcellence in all you do.
Y:  You--take time for yourself.
Z:  Zeal--demonstrate enthusiasm and intensive interest in something; don't be a Zombie.