Frequently Asked Questions

To better serve our students and their parents, we've compiled our most frequently asked questions for you:

How do I excuse an absence for my child? You can excuse your child from school
by calling our attendance secretary at 662-4489 extension 6326

Is there transportation available for my child attending after school activities?
Western Middle School offers a late bus pickup at 3:00. Students must have a bus pass to ride this bus.
Passes are distributed by the adult in charge of the after school activity your child is attending. The late bus is available to students Monday-Thursday.

I received a call from Western Middle School, can you tell me who called?
Unless a staff member who has called leaves a message, there is no way to indicate who called you from
school. Phone calls leaving the building all display the same number on caller ID.

Can my child use his/her cell phone in school? We ask that students do not use cell
phones during the regular school day. If you have an emergency and need to contact your child, please
call the main office at 662-4489 and our office staff will call your child out of class to take your call.

How is my student doing in his/her classes? The most efficient way to check grades
or attendance is to visit our Family Access website, Skyward. You can access Skyward by visiting and clicking the "Skyward" link, located on the bottom, left side of the website.  You can also access Skyward by clicking the "Skyward" link on the WMS website's main page.  If you are
in need of a username/password or experience any problems with Skyward, contact the middle school
Main Office at (989) 662-4489.

Can my child access Facebook or Twitter in school? Students are not allowed to
access these social networking sites while in school.

Do you have any clubs or after school activities available to students? Yes. Western
Middle School staff puts in extra time and energy to provide extra-curricular opportunities for our kids.
Please visit the "Newsflash" and  "Student Corner" section of the website for more information on clubs and activities
available to students.